Monday, March 31, 2014

DS Domination Video Proof #Review | My Weekend Results for March 28-30, 2014

There's nothing like seeing more proof, when you're considering, spreading the word about a product or service. On this Monday, I wanted to share with you another DS Domination Video Proof Review. This video shows my personal results, after following Roger's video training, and listing on Ebay, Thursday night, March 27, 2014. I was watching my favorite line up of shows while doing it. I'm definitely a multi-tasker and that's how I get things done. 

I heard my very first Ca-Ching, the next day, March 28, 2014, less than 24 hours after listing the items on Ebay. I felt like I was going to sell a lot this past weekend because the items I listed were already selling like hotcakes on Ebay. So, I followed suit and followed Roger's training on how to list and Ca-Ching! I say Ca-Ching a lot, and most of the people on our 8,000+ Unit of Prosperity team does too, because of the Ebay App

You can download it for free onto your Iphone or Android. Most importantly, it keeps you on track with your sells so you can get back to your product suppliers and ship out the items to your buyers. Customer service is also key.

My DS Domination Proof Video Review
This is NOT Network Marketing! This is a way for you to make an income on your own WITHOUT recruiting your friends and family. If you see success, why not then share it with people you know who are struggling. Be the example you want to see and then help others. Team up with me and the Unit of Prosperity team. We want to see your results. We want to share your successes on our Google Hangouts. Come Join Us Here.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

#Military Veterans Make Money Online - $9,000 on Ebay in 3 Months with DS Domination | Unit of Prosperity Team

Income Disclaimer: Since we do not know your work ethic, your results may vary, but this is happening to ordinary people, who just happen to be military professionals. So, why can't you. This is the most realistic way you can make money online. I am grateful to be one of many, to share this with you.

On my mission to spread the good news about DS Domination, I created a recap video, sharing some of the amazing results military veterans and military serviceman are getting. This recap was taken from a Unit of Prosperity team member, during our weekly Google Hangouts, who has made $9000 thus far on Ebay alone, using the DS Domination online system. She shares her joy and shock, as she explains her story. She also mentions another military serviceman, who is working on the DS Domination program, from the field, in Afghanistan. How cool is that? He is creating an income for his family and she is doing the same, all from the field. 

Take a look at the YouTube video, and Learn How you can get started with the Unit of Propserity Team. I look forward to working with you and introducing you to the 8,000 + members on our team. JOIN US!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Case Study Video and LIVE Webinar Tonight 8PM/EST! How Average People #MakeMoney Attending a DS Domination Webinar

I'm super excited to share this video with you of average people making extraordinary incomes, all from attending a DS Domination Webinar. The gentleman you will hear in the video, Kevin, had a webinar with all of us online last week. He asked us to respond to his Facebook Group questions. We were all excited to share our different levels of success. Some had just began their journeys with DS Domination and others, a couple of months earlier, but these numbers and results in the following Case Study Video do not lie. We had no idea that he would record our responses LIVE on video, but I'm SO glad he did so that I can now share them with you!

You know that people don't play when it comes to their money. When they have found something that "actually" makes them money, they want to share it with everybody. After all of the economic troubles, ups and downs, in the economy, it's time to help and reach out to as many people in need, as possible, to help change their lives. That is one of my big reasons too.

As a disclaimer, this will not be for everyone and your results may vary. However, it will give you results if you trust in the process, focus on your WHY, and DO THE WORK! DS Domination is SO simple. It's very easy to get started, so it's up to you to stay on track with your personal goals for yourself and your family.

However, before you get ahead of yourself

Step 1: Take a look at the Case Study Video below and WATCH the results firsthand. 

Step 2: Then, register for TODAY's, Tuesday Night Free Webinar, 8PM/EST. You can watch it right from your computer with your spouse, daughter, son, or a group of people. Make it fun!

Tuesdays 8:00PM/EST (5:00PM/PST)

REGISTER HERE For the Webinar
(Full Name and Email Address required to register)

The Case Study Video

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Join the Winning #Women Network Hangout! (Every Sunday, 8PM/EST (5PM/PST)) Learn to Balance Business, Family and Life

I am filled with gratitude, on this Sunday, when I see how much the DS Domination program is changing women's lives. Especially, on the Unit of Prosperity team. However, what makes it even more special is the community of women that are forming, daily, as more and more are joining this great team.That's why it was obviously imperative that the Winning Women Network, be developed.

The purpose of this weekly hangout is to help you live the life that makes you happy. It's not all about becoming a millionaire or even a six-figure income earner. The most important thing is finding what gives your life purpose and the ability to pay it forward to the greater good. 

In the following YouTube video, I have put together some clips from last week's Winning Women Network hangout, to share with you some pointers that really tugged at me. We all have women in our lives, or know of women, who have ups and downs, and knowing that there is something to help them is priceless.

Learn more about the Winning Women Network of the Unit of Propserity Team, in DS Domination. 

Join Us, on Sundays at 8PM/EST (5PM/PST)

to listen to stories and be inspired to hope and dream again for a better future of your own. See you there!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My DS Domination Personal Results (Proof Video as of 3/21/14) You Can #MakeMoneyOnline on Ebay

Today, I finally got around to collecting all of my results, working with the DS Domination program, into a video. I officially posted my first listing on Ebay, after following the step-by-step videos, on March 8, 2014. I heard other members, state that they had seen results in less than 24 hours, but I knew that it wasn't guaranteed. 

So, when I saw, on my Ebay account that I had sold my very first item in less than 24 hours, I was shocked! 

That's when I started to list more items on my new Ebay account and received more sales. The sales were small amounts but collectively, I could see how the work can definitely pay off in the future, after I **build a good selling reputation on Ebay and with PayPal

In the following Youtube video, I show you my DS Domination personal results, proof video, that you can make money online on Ebay. 

Take a look, and learn more for yourself, at:

**INSIDER TIP: I have learned, in these first 13 days: 

  • If you are a current Ebay Seller, you will have no limits on how many items you can list at a particular dollar amount and there will be no holds with PayPal. 
  • If you are new to Ebay and PayPal, you will receive a seller's listing limit and PayPal may hold your earnings from your buyers until you submit your tracking number information, verifying that you are not scamming anyone out of their money. 
These accounts mentioned above, vary from person to person, but to keep the Ebay and PayPal community safe, they have these initial measures in place. However, the program shares with you how to work around these limitations, to become a successful Ebay seller and build a good reputation with Ebay and Paypal, while starting to make an income. You also have the option of helping other people by sharing this program, while doing your listings.

See you on the inside of the program!

Have Questions?
Leave them below and I will answer them for you.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What is DS Domination? How To Make Ebay Sales Online with this Program

There are millions of people using Ebay every day to buy unique products and are looking for good finds. On the other hand, there are every day people who are successfully selling on Ebay, right now, on auto-pilot, from home. Many of them have learned how to sell their own possessions, collecting dust, and others have learned the power of drop-shipping with some of the largest suppliers of goods in the industry. Some of these suppliers include Amazon and Walmart.

If you're currently an Ebay Seller, OR looking to Make Extra Money, OR always Wanted to Learn How To Sale successfully on Ebay, then you're definitely in the right place.

In this YouTube Video, I explain to you what drop-shipping is all about and how the DS Domination system works into the big picture.

Website Link Mentioned in the Video:

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winning #Women Network Hangout TONIGHT! 8PM/EST (5PM/PST) on Google Hangout - Empowering Women in #Business, Family and Life

Happy Sunday Everyone!

It's been such a great week for me, working from home, with DS Domination. I have made my third sale this morning on Ebay, all from following the training videos in DS Domination. I am super excited to share my results for my entire week in my Results post, coming this Tuesday so you can see the proof.

However, since it's Sunday, I wanted to share this 

Winning Women Network hangout going on Tonight! Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 8PM/EST (5PM/PST)

Tonight you will hear from women of every level within DS Domination and the Unit of Prosperity team. They will share 

  • their personal stories and triumphs. 
  • you will learn how to balance business with life and family
  • and MORE!
I know that you will be inspired by these every day women creating a real income, from home,for their children and their families, alike. 

There is no where you need to travel. 
You don't even have to dial in on the phone. 

Google has created an awesome way for all of us to be together in a Google Hangout. To Join Me and the hundreds of women, attending tonight from the comfort of their homes, click here or the Google Hangout banner below. 

Google Hangout

**You will be able to converse with other ladies on the hangout if you would like to as well.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

$10K Club Earners Live Tonight at 8:00PM/EST (5PM/PST) on Google Hangout! (Details Inside)

This is a very inspirational, powerful, life-changing Google Hangout. I am apart of this team, currently doing amazing things and helping SO many people achieve greatness. Now, it's your turn to just listen to how these average people have changed their lives and now are 10K Income Earners, all from working from home, with no recruiting, no cold calling, no inventory, or experience. I'm always blown away, and attend every Thursday they have this one! 

You can leave your comments during the Google Hangout as well and converse with other attendees. You don't want to miss this. 

Create An Event on your IPhone, Android or Computer, to attend this memorable Google Hangout Event, from home or on the go, with our Unit of Prosperity Team. You will thank me later for it, I promise!

10K Club Hangout 

Cancelled: Millionaire Mindset Call - What is Your 'WHY' for Making Money? ( Every Tuesday and Thursday, 1PM-2PM/EST) Details Inside

This call has been cancelled. Thanks for listening in!

Millionaire Mindset
Every Tuesday & Thursday
Dial In Number: 559-726-1300 Access Code: 946406#

On this past Tuesday, March 11, I attended my first Millionaire Mindset Coaching Call, to see what it was all about before I shared it here in my journal with you. The Millionaire Mindset Coaching Calls were developed by the Unit of Prosperity Team in DS Domination and is organized by two of our very own ladies, shown below. The purpose of the coaching calls is to help listeners have a life that is healthy, wealthy, and prosperous.

This coaching call session focused on what is your WHY for your money. Everyday, in DS Domination, average people are making great income from home, drop-shipping on Ebay. However, they wanted the listeners to broaden their mindsets on how they look at money. Yes, you have achieved a level of financial success that you're happy with, but how can you use that money to help the greater good.

The first speaker, Pam Lawhorne, began to share a personal story about an unexpected health condition. For 2-3 days, she was having massive migraines, where she couldn't work at all. Being that she had already been working her DS Domination business, she had the income available to get medical attention, but most of all to stay at home and resting in bed. She said that she realized that her REAL Why for making the income with DS Domination, was to impact lives beyond teaching people how to make money. Money have given her the ability to act instead of react, when situation like this happens in her life. She was able to rest at home and get better. 

The second speaker, Keysha Bass, stepped in and shared her Why for working her DS Domination business. Her ultimate passion was for working with young girls, impacting their lives, showing them that there is a better way. She could use her own income to help little girls. For an example, this past Friday night, she took a group of little girls to AppleBee's and she wrote on the receipt, "DS Pays", she was literally in tears on the call as she shared this with the listeners.

Keysha also went on to share how she worked a night job, installing cash registers, when she first started with DS Domination. Now, she can go into an appliance store and buy the things she needs and look down at that cash register she installed, knowing that she is now free. She mentioned that she made more money in DS Domination, than she spent on the appliances for her home. 

"What Does the Money Do?"...Pam said.

"What else is supposed to come out of this? What else besides making money are you supposed to do? Your riches come from the stories.

One listener called in from the Food Stamp line, encouraged to trust in this journey with DS Domination, but to keep her story, to be shared with so many people once she rises up out of her situation.

Remember, if you're reading down this far, "Once you establish the 'Why', the 'How' will come. 

How could what we do, benefit people's lives? Pam said.

Money Follows Purpose...Are you ready to follow your purpose? If so, listen in on today's Millionaire Mindset Call for more inspiration and then come back here and learn more about how you can help others as well as yourself, from home, with DS Domination. 

CLICK HERE to learn more by entering your email address and it will take you to the no hype, detailed, video for DS Domination. 

I hope to work with you soon.

Leave your Comments and Feedback below to the following questions 

1. "Whose life will you impact when you get the money?" 

2. "How will you impact their lives"

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Monday, March 10, 2014

My First Listing Sold in Less Than 24 Hours on Ebay! Unit of Prosperity Team Google Hangout LIVE Tonight! Mon. 8PM/EST (Details Inside)

It's Monday!

My First Listing Sold in Less Than 24 Hours on Ebay

It's also a very good day to share the good news of my very FIRST listing on Ebay being sold in less than 24 hours,last night! I can admit that I was a little skeptical by all of the updates I was seeing in the Unit of Prosperity Team Facebook Group, but now I am convinced. I put in the work, watched and followed, all of the training videos and it manifested into reality. If you're not sure about what I'm talking about, you can read my Due Diligence post about DS Domination here. You can also learn about how things all come together in my getting started journal post here.

Now, I can begin my next big goal of spreading the good news about working with DS Domination AND this Unit of Prosperity Team. 

Unit of Prosperity Team Google Hangout Tonight, Monday, March 10, 2014, 8PM/EST 

The Unit of Prosperity team is comprised of Moms, Dads, College Students, and everyone in between. I was invited to my very first Google Hangout and I just popped on to listen. I learned SO much about people's lives before DS Domination and the un-cut, REAL, version of their lives.

Some of the members of the team were about to lose their mortgages, had to borrow money every month from family, didn't know how they would make it. These are everyday factors that affect so many people across the country. If you're interested in watching from home, tonight, the Google Hangout Link for Tonight's LIVE feed is below. You can come back here and click this link to take you to there directly. Share it with someone you know could benefit from this opportunity. It will be well worth it. I know firsthand now!

Unit of Prosperity LIVE Google Hangout

Hear Real Stories of How People Are Earning $100-$300 Daily Copying and Pasting. No Recruiting Required!  

It's TONIGHT, Monday, March 10, 2014
Time: 8PM/EST, (5PM/PST)
Location: From Your Home Computer

Leave me your feedback, comments, or questions, after attending the Google Hangout Tonight! 

I look forward to conversing with you!

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Getting Started with DS Domination Training and the Unit Of Prosperity Team

Today, I wanted to share with you what I have been up to for the past two days now with DS Domination and the Unit of Prosperity. I hope that this will give you a better idea of what to expect once you get started.

The Sign Up Process With DS Domination

First, to get started with DS Domination, it was very simple to do. The website to join, was provided during both of the LIVE Weekly Webinars I attended. So, I went ahead and filled in everything and paid the initial $19.95. FYI, this is a monthly fee for the PRO membership

Everyone initially joins DS Domination at this level to learn how to work on Ebay, drop-shipping. They do provide you with an opportunity to join the Elite level and Unleashed level in videos, right after you've paid your $19.95 for the PRO level, but it's not necessary and I just wanted to start with the basics. 

The DS Domination Member Center and PRO Training

I went to my email and got my log in information for the Member Center of DS Domination. The training for the PRO level was activated and ready for me to dive right in, watching and learning. There are about 19 Modules, each in video form, so you can follow along as he takes you through setting up an Ebay account, setting up your PayPal account and posting your first listing, while learning more about drop-shipping. In the training, he also explains what to watch out for and pitfalls to avoid, that he experienced working for many years on Ebay.

SIDE NOTE: If you follow the videos, you will have no way of getting confused or frustrated. They did a great job with the videos.
The Unit of Prosperity Team Marketing System for the team ONLY

Later in the evening, I received an email from my good friend, who invited me to look into DS Domination, about the Unit of Prosperity log in for our own Marketing System. She also added me to the Facebook group. I stopped by to see what everyone was up to. Many people were sharing their successes and 'Cha Chings' to their phones from Ebay sales. They were supporting each other and giving advise on how everyone can work smarter and maintain focus. Everyone was about being positive in the Facebook group. I then ventured over to the Unit of Prosperity Marketing System, which is only for our team. That again was video driven to help with setting up everything. I completed that task and then came back over to the DSD Domination Member Center, to continue my video training for my first Ebay listing in the evening.

About The Policies of Ebay and PayPal 

I posted my first Ebay listing today, March 8th, following the videos. YAY!

SIDE NOTE: I learned that if you're not already using Ebay for selling, then you will have a limit on how many listings you can post within a 90 day period. You will also have to obtain $250 worth of sales and sell 25 items to get the limits lifted. This has been obtained earlier for many and some have called Ebay to ask for limits to be lifted but that's at Ebay's discretion. They do this to avoid spammers out there.
Also, Ebay recommends that once you make a sale you should submit the tracking information to them which shows that you are a prompt seller. It's about showing Ebay that you are legit.

You will also have a hold on your PayPal funds for at least 21 days, to confirm that the buyer received their items. This is another precaution to make sure that you are not a scammer.

SIDE NOTE: However, if you provide the tracking information you will be fine,to receive your money within 3 days. It was not as complicated as I thought at first. 

I actually have sold some things on Ebay before so my listing limits and how much monies worth of product, I could list for sale, was 100 listings with a $5000 value limit. Initially, since PayPal will hold your money until you send them confirmation that you shipped an item, for spam-protection purposes, you will have to pay for an item first and then get your money back after you've sent in the tracking information. No one told me this when I first started so I learned it while in the Facebook group. So, I actually am selling items that's been stored in my home for sometime, then I don't need to pay anything. Also shipping is paid for by Ebay or Paypal is you use their shipping label on your personal-selling items. This is how you get around having to pay for an item you're drop-shipping for the first 90 day trial period on your account with Ebay.

Helping Others

I also decided to help other people this week by becoming an affiliate. This is another way to help those people in my life and across social media, who needs a legitimate opportunity from home. I have seen first hand proof from SO many everyday people that I am happy to put my stamp of approval on this Ebay opportunity. If you are looking for a way to start your year on a new track then you can join me here and the Unit of Prosperity Team.

Weekly LIVE Trainings

There is weekly LIVE training for everyone in the different levels of DS Domination. It is well-organized and you can register for training every week and get any questions answered. You can also ask me or anyone else in our Unit of Prosperity Facebook group once you're apart of DS Domination and the team. They also have New Member Orientations with the Unit of Prosperity team, every week, to make sure that you are following the training correctly and to answer your questions. There is some amazing support and real people who are very transparent about saying, "just follow the training and you will see results".

Leave Your Questions in the Comment Area Below 

If this is all very new to you but you are interested in learning more and have questions, leave them for me below. 

If you want to get started but want to make sure that you are doing things properly, leave your questions below and I will answer them all below.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Doing My Own Due Diligence of DS Domination & Welcome to my #Journal

I'm no stranger to working from home. I actually had been working from home for a computer-based company when my contract ended just two weeks ago. If you're thinking anything like me you know that legit work from home jobs and opportunities are hard to come by. However, I was one of the lucky ones and enjoyed my time working from home, while working on my entertainment career.

Once the surprise email came in, I knew that I would again have to begin seeking a new work from home position but I wasn't rushing into the task. I guess that's probably why the potential solution arrived in a Facebook event invite from a long-time friend in my hometown area, who is also in the entertainment industry. I looked at the invite for a couple of days and wondered if this was a network marketing opportunity, so I delayed on jumping on the webinar until the day before when it was due to go LIVE.
The Webinar
The first webinar I attended was only 30 mins long because the moderator was having trouble speaking because of throat issues. So I really didn't get a real, clear, understanding of what DS Domination was offering. I decided to jump on another webinar that following Monday to get the just of what it was all about. I eventually learned on the second webinar attempt that if I decided to join DS Domination that it would teach me how to make an income, working from home, drop-shipping, on Ebay. I have used Ebay in the past to sell some electronic items I had so it was something familiar to me. Also, if you have bought any items online for yourself or another person as a gift, you could do this. After the webinar I came away interested at how I could work with Ebay from home and also help change other people's lives in the process, but not yet convinced to join the club, so to speak.
Being the Private Investigator that I am, the first place I thought to go look for some serious feedback and results was from the YouTube community. I tell you, they never fail to impress and surprise me. I typed in 'DS Domination' in the search box and up popped a Google Hangout with about a little over a half dozen attendees. I grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and watched their recorded YouTube video from beginning to end. I heard how members on the Unit of Prosperity team were generating an income within the first and second weeks, or some within 12 - 24 hours of posting their listings on Ebay. There were moments when people were in tears because they were able to pay their mortgages, rent, light bills or buy 6+ plane tickets in one transaction for a family trip, all from working with DS Domination and on this team. I then wondered if my good friend, who invited me to her webinar event was on this Unit of Prosperity team.
Back to Facebook I went, on the same evening, to my good friend's personal Facebook page to find out. Surprising, she WAS apart of this Unit of Prosperity team! It was as if destiny or fate was at work. My due diligence had led me to a team serious about helping one another make a real income, from home, and was filled with so much gratitude and support for each other. I was closer to making my decision, 99.9% closer.
The final webinar was a LIVE Unit of Prosperity Google Hangout that I decided to attend to see what else I could squeeze from the current members of the Unit of Prosperity, working from home with DS Domination. I listened and listened to real, tear-jerking stories, of your EVERYDAY PEOPLE, average-looking people, who were paying their mortgages, paying their student loans completely off, helping their younger children to start with DS Domination, getting themselves out of financial hardships. I was completely floored. These were your everyday moms, dads, college students, 14 and 16 year old kids of parents, who were learning to work from home, making their own income from home with DS Domination. I, then was ready to join for $19.95 to begin my journey.
My Welcome and Your Invitation
If you've read down this far, then you are interested in taking this journey with me, working from home, by yourself or with your spouse, with your teenage children, or a friend. There is nothing wrong with learning a 'new way' to earn a legitimate income from home using a service you already know, in Ebay. As you know, the Unit of Prosperity members using DS Domination have mentioned, there is no guarantee of your success. However, they repeatedly say that it is up to you on how successful you will be. This is an opportunity to work from home, on your own schedule, with a team of supportive, everyday people. You will have instant access to the Unit of Prosperity Team Facebook Group of people who support each other and provided step-by-step video training in DS Domination, to help you succeed.
If you're looking to do your own due diligence about DS Domination and join a real, genuine, supportive, Unit of Prosperity team, which I am now apart of to help you too, then Attend a Free Online Webinar right from home..
I look forward to helping many everyday people find success working from home. I will be sharing my next journal entry of my first full day inside of DS Domination and working with the Unit of Prosperity Team. I hope to work with you too and Welcome to my DS Domination Journal.
-Selena B.

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