Friday, March 7, 2014

Doing My Own Due Diligence of DS Domination & Welcome to my #Journal

I'm no stranger to working from home. I actually had been working from home for a computer-based company when my contract ended just two weeks ago. If you're thinking anything like me you know that legit work from home jobs and opportunities are hard to come by. However, I was one of the lucky ones and enjoyed my time working from home, while working on my entertainment career.

Once the surprise email came in, I knew that I would again have to begin seeking a new work from home position but I wasn't rushing into the task. I guess that's probably why the potential solution arrived in a Facebook event invite from a long-time friend in my hometown area, who is also in the entertainment industry. I looked at the invite for a couple of days and wondered if this was a network marketing opportunity, so I delayed on jumping on the webinar until the day before when it was due to go LIVE.
The Webinar
The first webinar I attended was only 30 mins long because the moderator was having trouble speaking because of throat issues. So I really didn't get a real, clear, understanding of what DS Domination was offering. I decided to jump on another webinar that following Monday to get the just of what it was all about. I eventually learned on the second webinar attempt that if I decided to join DS Domination that it would teach me how to make an income, working from home, drop-shipping, on Ebay. I have used Ebay in the past to sell some electronic items I had so it was something familiar to me. Also, if you have bought any items online for yourself or another person as a gift, you could do this. After the webinar I came away interested at how I could work with Ebay from home and also help change other people's lives in the process, but not yet convinced to join the club, so to speak.
Being the Private Investigator that I am, the first place I thought to go look for some serious feedback and results was from the YouTube community. I tell you, they never fail to impress and surprise me. I typed in 'DS Domination' in the search box and up popped a Google Hangout with about a little over a half dozen attendees. I grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and watched their recorded YouTube video from beginning to end. I heard how members on the Unit of Prosperity team were generating an income within the first and second weeks, or some within 12 - 24 hours of posting their listings on Ebay. There were moments when people were in tears because they were able to pay their mortgages, rent, light bills or buy 6+ plane tickets in one transaction for a family trip, all from working with DS Domination and on this team. I then wondered if my good friend, who invited me to her webinar event was on this Unit of Prosperity team.
Back to Facebook I went, on the same evening, to my good friend's personal Facebook page to find out. Surprising, she WAS apart of this Unit of Prosperity team! It was as if destiny or fate was at work. My due diligence had led me to a team serious about helping one another make a real income, from home, and was filled with so much gratitude and support for each other. I was closer to making my decision, 99.9% closer.
The final webinar was a LIVE Unit of Prosperity Google Hangout that I decided to attend to see what else I could squeeze from the current members of the Unit of Prosperity, working from home with DS Domination. I listened and listened to real, tear-jerking stories, of your EVERYDAY PEOPLE, average-looking people, who were paying their mortgages, paying their student loans completely off, helping their younger children to start with DS Domination, getting themselves out of financial hardships. I was completely floored. These were your everyday moms, dads, college students, 14 and 16 year old kids of parents, who were learning to work from home, making their own income from home with DS Domination. I, then was ready to join for $19.95 to begin my journey.
My Welcome and Your Invitation
If you've read down this far, then you are interested in taking this journey with me, working from home, by yourself or with your spouse, with your teenage children, or a friend. There is nothing wrong with learning a 'new way' to earn a legitimate income from home using a service you already know, in Ebay. As you know, the Unit of Prosperity members using DS Domination have mentioned, there is no guarantee of your success. However, they repeatedly say that it is up to you on how successful you will be. This is an opportunity to work from home, on your own schedule, with a team of supportive, everyday people. You will have instant access to the Unit of Prosperity Team Facebook Group of people who support each other and provided step-by-step video training in DS Domination, to help you succeed.
If you're looking to do your own due diligence about DS Domination and join a real, genuine, supportive, Unit of Prosperity team, which I am now apart of to help you too, then Attend a Free Online Webinar right from home..
I look forward to helping many everyday people find success working from home. I will be sharing my next journal entry of my first full day inside of DS Domination and working with the Unit of Prosperity Team. I hope to work with you too and Welcome to my DS Domination Journal.
-Selena B.

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