Saturday, March 8, 2014

Getting Started with DS Domination Training and the Unit Of Prosperity Team

Today, I wanted to share with you what I have been up to for the past two days now with DS Domination and the Unit of Prosperity. I hope that this will give you a better idea of what to expect once you get started.

The Sign Up Process With DS Domination

First, to get started with DS Domination, it was very simple to do. The website to join, was provided during both of the LIVE Weekly Webinars I attended. So, I went ahead and filled in everything and paid the initial $19.95. FYI, this is a monthly fee for the PRO membership

Everyone initially joins DS Domination at this level to learn how to work on Ebay, drop-shipping. They do provide you with an opportunity to join the Elite level and Unleashed level in videos, right after you've paid your $19.95 for the PRO level, but it's not necessary and I just wanted to start with the basics. 

The DS Domination Member Center and PRO Training

I went to my email and got my log in information for the Member Center of DS Domination. The training for the PRO level was activated and ready for me to dive right in, watching and learning. There are about 19 Modules, each in video form, so you can follow along as he takes you through setting up an Ebay account, setting up your PayPal account and posting your first listing, while learning more about drop-shipping. In the training, he also explains what to watch out for and pitfalls to avoid, that he experienced working for many years on Ebay.

SIDE NOTE: If you follow the videos, you will have no way of getting confused or frustrated. They did a great job with the videos.
The Unit of Prosperity Team Marketing System for the team ONLY

Later in the evening, I received an email from my good friend, who invited me to look into DS Domination, about the Unit of Prosperity log in for our own Marketing System. She also added me to the Facebook group. I stopped by to see what everyone was up to. Many people were sharing their successes and 'Cha Chings' to their phones from Ebay sales. They were supporting each other and giving advise on how everyone can work smarter and maintain focus. Everyone was about being positive in the Facebook group. I then ventured over to the Unit of Prosperity Marketing System, which is only for our team. That again was video driven to help with setting up everything. I completed that task and then came back over to the DSD Domination Member Center, to continue my video training for my first Ebay listing in the evening.

About The Policies of Ebay and PayPal 

I posted my first Ebay listing today, March 8th, following the videos. YAY!

SIDE NOTE: I learned that if you're not already using Ebay for selling, then you will have a limit on how many listings you can post within a 90 day period. You will also have to obtain $250 worth of sales and sell 25 items to get the limits lifted. This has been obtained earlier for many and some have called Ebay to ask for limits to be lifted but that's at Ebay's discretion. They do this to avoid spammers out there.
Also, Ebay recommends that once you make a sale you should submit the tracking information to them which shows that you are a prompt seller. It's about showing Ebay that you are legit.

You will also have a hold on your PayPal funds for at least 21 days, to confirm that the buyer received their items. This is another precaution to make sure that you are not a scammer.

SIDE NOTE: However, if you provide the tracking information you will be fine,to receive your money within 3 days. It was not as complicated as I thought at first. 

I actually have sold some things on Ebay before so my listing limits and how much monies worth of product, I could list for sale, was 100 listings with a $5000 value limit. Initially, since PayPal will hold your money until you send them confirmation that you shipped an item, for spam-protection purposes, you will have to pay for an item first and then get your money back after you've sent in the tracking information. No one told me this when I first started so I learned it while in the Facebook group. So, I actually am selling items that's been stored in my home for sometime, then I don't need to pay anything. Also shipping is paid for by Ebay or Paypal is you use their shipping label on your personal-selling items. This is how you get around having to pay for an item you're drop-shipping for the first 90 day trial period on your account with Ebay.

Helping Others

I also decided to help other people this week by becoming an affiliate. This is another way to help those people in my life and across social media, who needs a legitimate opportunity from home. I have seen first hand proof from SO many everyday people that I am happy to put my stamp of approval on this Ebay opportunity. If you are looking for a way to start your year on a new track then you can join me here and the Unit of Prosperity Team.

Weekly LIVE Trainings

There is weekly LIVE training for everyone in the different levels of DS Domination. It is well-organized and you can register for training every week and get any questions answered. You can also ask me or anyone else in our Unit of Prosperity Facebook group once you're apart of DS Domination and the team. They also have New Member Orientations with the Unit of Prosperity team, every week, to make sure that you are following the training correctly and to answer your questions. There is some amazing support and real people who are very transparent about saying, "just follow the training and you will see results".

Leave Your Questions in the Comment Area Below 

If this is all very new to you but you are interested in learning more and have questions, leave them for me below. 

If you want to get started but want to make sure that you are doing things properly, leave your questions below and I will answer them all below.

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