Sunday, March 23, 2014

Join the Winning #Women Network Hangout! (Every Sunday, 8PM/EST (5PM/PST)) Learn to Balance Business, Family and Life

I am filled with gratitude, on this Sunday, when I see how much the DS Domination program is changing women's lives. Especially, on the Unit of Prosperity team. However, what makes it even more special is the community of women that are forming, daily, as more and more are joining this great team.That's why it was obviously imperative that the Winning Women Network, be developed.

The purpose of this weekly hangout is to help you live the life that makes you happy. It's not all about becoming a millionaire or even a six-figure income earner. The most important thing is finding what gives your life purpose and the ability to pay it forward to the greater good. 

In the following YouTube video, I have put together some clips from last week's Winning Women Network hangout, to share with you some pointers that really tugged at me. We all have women in our lives, or know of women, who have ups and downs, and knowing that there is something to help them is priceless.

Learn more about the Winning Women Network of the Unit of Propserity Team, in DS Domination. 

Join Us, on Sundays at 8PM/EST (5PM/PST)

to listen to stories and be inspired to hope and dream again for a better future of your own. See you there!

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