Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cancelled: Millionaire Mindset Call - What is Your 'WHY' for Making Money? ( Every Tuesday and Thursday, 1PM-2PM/EST) Details Inside

This call has been cancelled. Thanks for listening in!

Millionaire Mindset
Every Tuesday & Thursday
Dial In Number: 559-726-1300 Access Code: 946406#

On this past Tuesday, March 11, I attended my first Millionaire Mindset Coaching Call, to see what it was all about before I shared it here in my journal with you. The Millionaire Mindset Coaching Calls were developed by the Unit of Prosperity Team in DS Domination and is organized by two of our very own ladies, shown below. The purpose of the coaching calls is to help listeners have a life that is healthy, wealthy, and prosperous.

This coaching call session focused on what is your WHY for your money. Everyday, in DS Domination, average people are making great income from home, drop-shipping on Ebay. However, they wanted the listeners to broaden their mindsets on how they look at money. Yes, you have achieved a level of financial success that you're happy with, but how can you use that money to help the greater good.

The first speaker, Pam Lawhorne, began to share a personal story about an unexpected health condition. For 2-3 days, she was having massive migraines, where she couldn't work at all. Being that she had already been working her DS Domination business, she had the income available to get medical attention, but most of all to stay at home and resting in bed. She said that she realized that her REAL Why for making the income with DS Domination, was to impact lives beyond teaching people how to make money. Money have given her the ability to act instead of react, when situation like this happens in her life. She was able to rest at home and get better. 

The second speaker, Keysha Bass, stepped in and shared her Why for working her DS Domination business. Her ultimate passion was for working with young girls, impacting their lives, showing them that there is a better way. She could use her own income to help little girls. For an example, this past Friday night, she took a group of little girls to AppleBee's and she wrote on the receipt, "DS Pays", she was literally in tears on the call as she shared this with the listeners.

Keysha also went on to share how she worked a night job, installing cash registers, when she first started with DS Domination. Now, she can go into an appliance store and buy the things she needs and look down at that cash register she installed, knowing that she is now free. She mentioned that she made more money in DS Domination, than she spent on the appliances for her home. 

"What Does the Money Do?"...Pam said.

"What else is supposed to come out of this? What else besides making money are you supposed to do? Your riches come from the stories.

One listener called in from the Food Stamp line, encouraged to trust in this journey with DS Domination, but to keep her story, to be shared with so many people once she rises up out of her situation.

Remember, if you're reading down this far, "Once you establish the 'Why', the 'How' will come. 

How could what we do, benefit people's lives? Pam said.

Money Follows Purpose...Are you ready to follow your purpose? If so, listen in on today's Millionaire Mindset Call for more inspiration and then come back here and learn more about how you can help others as well as yourself, from home, with DS Domination. 

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I hope to work with you soon.

Leave your Comments and Feedback below to the following questions 

1. "Whose life will you impact when you get the money?" 

2. "How will you impact their lives"

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