Sunday, April 20, 2014

My First Star on Ebay & How I'm Getting #Positive Feedback

I am super excited! EBay sent my 'Golden Star', via email and I can't stop looking at it. I have been selling items on Ebay almost every day since using the DS Domination training program. I was selling and selling, but I found myself trying to understand how to capitalize on the Ebay community, with my feedback from buyers. I saw that my buyers even had stars of different colors, so why not me? So, I decided to do some research and see how I could step up my game, for more potential feedback from my buyers.

I have found that there is no ideal science to it, nor a particular way to interact with my buyers. However, I started to contact each of my buyers once they initially bought from me. I would thank them for shopping with me and told them that I would send them their tracking number and expected delivery date for their purchase. Once I would ship their items, I would send a final message through Ebay, letting them know all of their shipping details. Some would reply back with humorous remarks, others would thank me, and some wouldn't respond at all. I then asked them if they would share their feedback with me, once they had received their purchase. It appears to all be working. 

I have learned from this experiment, that customer service is about interacting with your buyers on Ebay. Although I have done this now with plenty of my buyers, not all come back to Ebay to leave me feedback, but many are starting to do so now. I am not only selling on Ebay, following the DS Domination program, but now I am getting feedback too. 

In my YouTube video below, I share a little more of what my buyers are saying on Ebay.

Leave Your Feedback!
What do you do to attract more feedback from your buyers on Ebay?

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