Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How-To Tips for Creating Goals Before Starting a Business #Entrepreneurship

Before starting any kind of business, whether it be a small business, network marketing business, MLM or franchise, you need to create goals. By creating goals before starting your business, you will have a structured blueprint, customized specifically to you. 

You may think this is difficult to do, but here are three (3) simple how-to tips for creating goals to prepare you for the long journey ahead as an entrepreneur.

Tip#1: Establish Your Why

You have probably heard this one before, but it is seriously the first step. You have to ask yourself, "WHY DO I want to start a business?". Once you have assessed your reasons for moving forward, then you have a solid foundation to work from. These reasons must be strong and can stand the test of time. Once you begin a new business venture, you will hit pitfalls and have your ups and downs, but that's what makes being an entrepreneur so exciting. After the dust clears, you will have a solid product or service you can proudly stand by and represent.

The 'Why' phase is also the time to speak with your family and friends who will be effected by your decision. Do they have to change their schedules around to accommodate your new business venture? Will you need beginner's capital from them? Will you need them for man-power? These are just some other thoughts to consider.

Tip#2: Plan Your Daily Operations Strategy

This is the perfect time to purchase a planner, journal, or scheduler, that you feel comfortable with using for your business. You will use this tool for mapping out your time with the business and time with family responsibilities. If you are single, you may currently have medical appointments, outside interviews and meetings, a current part-time job, so everything would go into this planner to assess your current routine. 

Your daily operations strategy will help you to better assign blocks of time for Taking Massive Action (Marketing, Prospecting, Advertising, Networking, Cold Calling, etc.) in your new business. In addition, your family and even friends will feel more included in your new decision because you made yourself accountable as a husband/wife and/or friend.

Tip#3: Find The Right Business For You. Beware of The Hype!

There are SO many business opportunities online and offline. So, it's very important to find the right business for you. Beware of all of the hype that surrounds a certain business. You want to make sure that you can afford ALL that it's going to take to be successful. Will you have a passion to do the work that's required for a specific product or service? Ask yourself, "Do I even like this product or service. Can I see myself representing this product or service? Do I have a passion for what is being offered by this company?

If you can answer 'YES' to these questions, then you have a winner, and you're on your way!

See, it's not as difficult as you think, to begin the journey as an entrepreneur. I know, there are different steps you'll take with a small business verses a network marketing or MLM business, but these are some initial how-to tips that I would recommend.

To your success,


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