Friday, August 1, 2014

DS Domination Launches 'Unicorn and Donuts App' for IPhone and Android! #PhoneApp

DS Domination has launched their Unicorn and Donuts App for the IPhone and Android. Now, guest users of the app and current DS Domination Ebay and Amazon users, can find hot-selling items while running errands. 

How to download the app on Android or the IPhone:
Step 1: Search the App called: Unicorn and Donuts App

Step 2: The app will then download to your Android phone. If you have an IPhone, it will probably ask for your username and password for Itunes and then it will download.

Step 3: 

  • DS Domination users: IF you are a current PRO level member in DS Domination, then you will log in with your account details and begin scanning unlimited items on the go! Find what's hot, list them or purchase them, to make a profit, following the DS Domination training program! 
  • Non-DS Domination users: You get 20 FREE Scans to see how you can make profits on items, while on the go, if you listed them on Ebay or Amazon.

How to Use the App:
Step 1: As you walk past items in the store, scan them.

Step 2: The app will let you know if the product will be profitable for you. If yes, you can purchase the product and send it in through Amazon's FBA program (Genesis Training in DSD) or sell it on Ebay for a profit following the (PRO Level Training in DSD).

Step 3: How do you know if an item is profitable?

  • If the app shows a DONUT next to it on the app, then that is a profitable item to purchase and list on Ebay and even Amazon (see PRO Level training and/or Monopoly training in DS Domination)
  • If the app shows a UNICORN, then you can purchase that item for Amazon's FBA program and use the Genesis Training to see if it's possible to create your own Monopoly for the item.

DS Domination Teaches How To Make Profits On Ebay and Amazon

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