Sunday, August 17, 2014

Make Extra #Money Selling on Ebay with DS Domination Pro Training

I know, make extra money selling on Ebay, but it's really the place to be when you're looking for a convenient way to pay some bills, get some gas money, or pay for a month of daycare. I never would've thought that I would be saying this because of my past experience with Ebay and losing money on a brand new router that I was trying to sell. (I still think about However, I have turned a new leaf since following this training in DS Domination. I decided to make extra money for my videography business launch in 2015. Instead of using business loans and getting into debt, I wanted to do it on my own terms.

On Friday evening, August 15th, I thought that I would go on Ebay and review my listings, their prices, and list even more items, maxing out my listing limit. Who would've thought that in 10 minutes after listing my item that it would sell! I've had this happen before, when I first started with DS Domination and many times thereafter. I just follow the training every time and do the work. 

In this screenshot you can see that I sold the item at 618PM/PST. The date shows September 14, 2014 because that's how much longer my listing will be up within a 30 day period. This is a Hot-Selling item and so I am selling more than 1 of them at a time. 

Helpful Hint: If you decided to join me in DS Domination, I give you feedback on items that are popular to sell and where and how you can look for them. However, I'm going to let you know that when you decide to learn how to sell on Ebay to make extra money, think about your everyday items, around the house. What items do you tend to buy often. This will give you a great starting point. However, the DS Domination training makes this even simpler and takes the guess work out of where to start. 

If you are looking for a safe, in-your-home, way to make extra money, I recommend learning how we are selling on Ebay to do this using the DS Domination Training program. 

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