Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Powerful Call for Becoming a Powerful #Achiever by Jeffery Combs

Your mindset is your powerhouse. To become a powerful achiever you must understand how to maneuver the daily noise that comes in and out of your life. In this podcast replay, Jeffery Combs goes into greater detail on how to become a powerful achiever. Listen and learn how to manifest into your entrepreneurial life what you desire, but ultimately have the power to sustain it through the thick and thin.

Topics Covered
1. Are you an underachiever? 
2. Why you underachieve 
3. The process of change 
4. Defining achievement 
5. Results, production, profit 
6. The identity of an achiever 
7. The daily discipline 
8. Dedicated time to achieve 
9. Producing, leading, what you get paid for 
10. Achievement, being your best

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