Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Replay for Monday Unit of Prosperity Team Hangout on August 4, 2014 - #MakeMoneyonEbay

I can't keep all this joy to myself! On Monday Night's Unit of Prosperity Team Google Hangout for August 4th, there were some serious sharing going on. The saying, never judge a book by it's cover, was in full effect on last night's hangout. 

Here are some really awesome highlights from the Hangout:

  • After not being interested in the DS Domination program, selling items on Ebay, Spence, finally jump on board. However, the real surprise came when he shared how he was on Section 8, a housing assistance program for low-income individuals and families. Now, he's making money from home, every week and no longer have to live on housing assistance.
  • We have military contractors and active duty members using DS Domination's training to help improve their family life and relationships
  • Mr Excitement, Kerry, shares an article on how Amazon and Ebay took the big bulk of holiday shopping sales last year, but most importantly, how necessary it is to get started NOW to make money on these sales platforms.
  • There was an introduction to the DS Domination Unicorn and Donuts App and how easy it is to make money on Ebay and Amazon, since people are selling Ketchup and Ragu on these sites. There are no excuses!
Watch the full Recording for Monday's UOP Hangout (August 4, 2014) below, then Take Action.

P.S: Make sure to watch the last speaker, Mr. Excitement on the Unit of Prosperity Team. He's going to break down the joy we all are having, preparing for this holiday season rush, on Ebay and Amazon!

It's Your Time... we are waiting to help you succeed on the Unit of Prosperity Team

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