Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Replay for Monday Unit of Prosperity Team Hangout on August 18, 2014 - #MakeMoneyOnline

Here's the Replay for Monday's Unit of Prosperity Team Hangout from August 18, 2014. This was a very dynamic Monday Night Call. There were many different stories shared on this call and I have some of the highlights mentioned below:
  • One panelist lists items on Ebay, while flying from state to state for his main job. He saw that some of the members were listing up to 400 items at a time and took that as a challenge to meet them or surpass them.
  • One panelist has been able to pay bills and buy food. She wouldn't know where she would be w/o the money coming in.
  • No need to make a 100-person list in DS Domination
  • Christmas is coming up!! "You're either going to pay for Christmas or get paid for Christmas" - Chris
  • One panelist paid $1,900 on an Ebay Program when Ebay first came out, but with DS Domination, she only paid $19.95 w/o looking for inventory to sell.
  • "If you are not able to put food in your refrigerator, keep the lights on, then there is a problem that needs to be fixed" -Mr. Excitement
  • DS Domination provided one panelist income results, even when she was concentrating on her sick father, who later passed away. Now she is doing DS Domination full-time.
  • Do you want to know what kind of items you can list on Ebay? Make sure to watch until the end of this week's hangout!!!
These are just some of the stories covered in this jam-packed Monday Night Unit of Prosperity Team Hangout on August 18th. It has been provided to you below for your convenience.

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