Monday, August 4, 2014

Replay for Winning Women Network Hangout for August 3, 2014 #WomeninBusiness

The Replay for the Winning Women Network Google Hangout for August 3, 2014 is ready! On this past Sunday's panel, the ladies shared a number of different perspectives on life, making choices, and having the ability to create whatever they desired on their own terms.

Some of the highlights from this Winning Women Network Hangout Replay are below:

  • Lisa is a stay at home Mom of teenage triplet sons & two are special needs kids! She is making a life for her and her family from home despite many challenges!
  • Daniella made her $19.95 investment back in 48 Hours! 
  • "You will not see results if you never get started." -Keysha What did you spend $19.95 on today?
  • Lakeisha was a burned out network marketer that wanted nothing to do with recruiting, etc. She had her first sale in 48 hours. 
What will be your story? 

Watch the Winning Women Network Hangout Replay for August 3rd, to listen about what we are doing and aspire to help you achieve as well. Come Join Us!

We are a Unit of Winning Women, waiting to help you succeed on the Unit of Prosperity Team

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