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Quick Tip: When you first get started in DS Domination Selling on Ebay

Here's a Quick Tip that I learned when you first get started in DS Domination, selling on Ebay. I actually still find myself using this tip, even today. 

I am a huge fan of thrift stores. In the beginning, if you haven't positioned yourself as a reliable seller on Ebay, you will ultimately have to prove yourself worthy to sell inside of the community, but don't be dismayed or intimidated. Ebay has some requirements in place that must be met, in order for your funds to be received instantly, from your buyers, through PayPal. 

You must:

  • Be selling on their platform for at least 90 days
  • have at least $250 in sales
  • sold at least 25 items within this time frame
  • be in Standard or Above Standard on your Ebay account for customer service do you get this done? 

First, you would look around your house and start selling stuff that you are no longer using. I sold lots of books and little gadgets. Second, once you have exhausted the things in your home, you can visit your local thrift stores, yard sales, swap meets, or your friends and family's places for old, AWESOME, things to sell. I actually visited local thrift stores for neat items that I could resell on Ebay for larger profits. With this being said, a little over 30 days, I had already met my Ebay seller requirements to get my restrictions lifted. So, 91 days after my anniversary date of selling on Ebay, my restrictions were lifted! YAY! I could sale what I wanted and receive all of my monies instantly into my PayPal account. I had built trust with Ebay as a seller. 

And, third, that really began my DS Domination journey in eCommerce. 

What Can You Sell
I guess this can be a case study within itself.

Coffee Cups and MUGS
I recently took a shopping trip to my local thrift store and picked up some coffee cups and mugs. You want to look for very unique cups and mugs. People love their Disney cups, special event cups, and unusually-designed cups and mugs. You never know who is looking for a particular cup or mug so don't over-think it as long as it meets those previous standards. However, make sure that they have no chips, looks practically new in it's pre-owned state, and don't spend an arm and a leg for them. If it's a pretty large mug like this one, you can pay $1.99 for it. 

I actually just sold this one for $34.95 on Ebay, after doing my research online about the history of the place on this cup. Who would have known, right? I just made someone very happy!

The very first item I ever sold on Ebay was a self-help book. People love learning 'how to' do something so look out for those types of books. Make sure that they have limited markings and highlighting, but if they do have some, just let your buyers know in your Ebay listing. You want to make sure that the words are not obstructed in anyway, by markings or highlighting, that's all.

Plush Toys
I recently learned about plush toys and have finally listed some for sale on Ebay, but you can purchase these too in your local thrift shops, yard sales, etc. Clean them up real good and place them for sale on Ebay. For tips on how to clean them up, watch some awesome YouTube Videos! Remember, You Tube is your friend!!! There are so many awesome people sharing their expertise there.

DVDs and Tape Recorders too!
Not everyone is tech savvy, so tapes are indeed still in. I remember selling a tape recorder with batteries, included, to a buyer because she wanted to listen to her old tapes of her mom. She was thinking of her mom and just wanted to hear her voice. DVDs are big so don't forget to list them too. 

How To Price Your Items For Selling on Ebay
When you are first starting out, building a selling reputation on Ebay, you want to go into the Ebay community and see what other people are selling, but also what they are pricing things for. This will give you a great idea of how much to list your items for to make the most profit. Some of the items you may be listing, may already be for sale and you can compete with the current buyer by going lower than their price or a couple of dollars higher. The key is in your titling, which is just one tip you will learn a great deal about inside of DS Domination HERE.

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