Monday, December 22, 2014

Replay: Winning #Women Network Spotlight Hangout with Yvonne Anderson - How to Earn 5 Figure Monthly w/ DSD Pro & Elite

The Winning Women Network has another amazing spotlight Google Hangout, but this time with eBay Powerseller, Yvonne Anderson, user of DS Domination's Pro and Elite level training. She has been in many network marketing business before, even an adult sex line, until her late twin sister recommended eBay. After her twin sister passed away in 2007, in a semi-truck accident, she closed up her eBay shop, went through a divorce and bankruptcy. 

Fast forward at the 2007, she started doing cash gifting, and found success, but the problem was, she felt bad about taking someone's last $3500. Yes, she was having a $5,000 or $10,000 day, but she felt bad about the people that she was bringing in and would they duplicate what she was doing. She was also doing collections and was top in that as well, but she had to leave that in 2010 because she got tired of being cursed out. She then got into penny auctions and bringing in people, but suddenly everything disappeared. Once again she found another company and was recruiting successfully and then that went away, but the problem was she couldn't get other people to duplicate her progress. 

Then finally, she was introduced to DS Domination in the end of August 2013, and was on her way back to eBay. She found her past love again, on eBay, just copying and pasting. Five months in, she hit the $10,000 a month income level on eBay without having to recruit a single person. She has found her full-time job, working from home! 

Watch the full Replay: Winning Women Network Spotlight Hangout with Yvonne Anderson - eBay Seller of Pro Elite DS Domination

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