Sunday, March 29, 2015

#Exclusive: The Unit of Prosperity Breaks From DS Domination!

The Unit of Prosperity Breaks From DS Domination as of March 28, 2015...

If you have been wondering what's going on with the Unit of Prosperity Team lately, you would not be alone. There has been a lot of speculation and words being said on social media, about the termination of the [founder] of the Unit of Prosperity Team. Many members of the Unit of Prosperity Team, who support the founder of this team, are leaving to follow him as well. This can all be summed up as "an everyday occurrence in the business of Network Marketing". 

Although the company mentions that they are very flexible when it comes to their members marketing or promoting DS Domination, there seemed to have been a line that was crossed. An email was made publicly available to all members of DS Domination with reasons why this action was taken (extracted directly from that email, March 28, 2015):

"For the first time DSD's history, we terminated an affiliate. As you know from our history we are EXTREMELY hesitant to ever terminate anyone. In this particular case, we spent nearly 6 months gathering data and making sure this individual, was indeed doing all the activities we received complaints about.  
Other than multiple complaints of misleading use of DSD/OD materials against him, we received tens of verifiable complaints of cross-recruiting and 'hijacking' other user's downlines. We specifically brought up some of these points with him in discussion, in response to which he simply left the Skype discussion with the claim that he will continue to do and say whatever he wants. 
We as a company, and as individuals, have always encouraged FREEDOM for our members. We are not restrictive by any means towards our affiliates. However, in this case the unethical behaviour by this affiliate significantly harmed other affiliates and our customers by selling a number of unapproved, bad products while using DSD and OD in the marketing.
Further, numerous complaints were received of him taking other DSD members' training and content and simply selling it as his own.  Finally, countless proven cases of cross recruiting, and hijacking downlines of other affiliates without their knowledge or consent." 

What's Next!
Many Unit of Prosperity members were left having to choose sides in the end, that included me here at However, since I am a full-time supporter of DS Domination, just as the founder of the Unit of Prosperity was, before his termination, I remain available to support you on your eCommerce and Options Domination journey. 

As for some others they will be joining the Unit of Prosperity Team founder, with a new business venture. You will most definitely see more of them in the future throughout social media.

If you have seen YouTube videos, blog posts, from some other Unit of Prosperity Team members, no longer with DS Domination, now you know what has happened. I hope this will ease the inquiries I have received on this matter. 

Still Want To Join DS Domination?
If you still desire to get stared with DS Domination, is still available to answer your questions and concerns. I have also partnered with the Freedom Success Network on Facebook, to provide even more community support to you as well once you join. 
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Disclaimer: The name of the founder of the Unit of Prosperity Team was left out of this blog post to ensure no privacy issues were violated. Any business being marketed or reviewed has its risk factors.

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