Friday, April 3, 2015

Replay: Freedom Success Network Thursday Episode 2 (4/2/15) - Spotlight Interview with DS Domination Member

The Freedom Success Network interviews one of our DS Domination members and he shares how he went from completely broke to finally learning how to make money online. It was not an easy start for him, but he was determined to see results for his family. He did not have to recruit friends and family anymore. He worked from home silently to himself, following the DS Domination PRO Level training to list items on Ebay and then he evolved into selling on Amazon after our first DS Domination event in Las Vegas in 2014. Now he is well on his way to reaching his next tier of goals.

I welcome you to listen in and JOIN US, as we continue to build a successful community of eBay and Amazon sellers with the DS Domination training programs! Watch the full replay below!

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