Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Amazon Bootcamp V2.0 Price Stays The Same Price of $297 Instead of $497!

In my previous course walk-through for Jessica Larrew's Amazon Boot Camp V2.0, I mentioned to you that she would be raising the price. Well, I am happy to announce that she has decided, to keep her course the same price of $297, which would have increased to $497 on April 15, 2015. I am stoked about this decision and am really happy because the course has really helped me grow as an Amazon seller, using the Amazon FBA program, and I am happy that you'll get to learn this at an affordable price. 

It has everything you would need, as a newbie, to set up your Amazon.com account as a seller to sourcing for items -- online and offline (retail arbitrage). She even goes into sales tax and taxes for inventory being held in different Amazon warehouses. It's in video form and jam-packed with content that you can complete at your own pace. The boot camp also gives you access to the Facebook group community for asking questions to Jessica herself or bouncing ideas, tips, suggestions, and questions off of the other members. 

Most importantly, here's why Jessica has decided to keep her course the same price. Read below:
"During the last few months we have gone through and completely redone the Amazon Boot Camp making sure that all of the information was up to date and relevant to the market today. You can probably guess that Amazon is constantly changing and there are always new ways of doing things.  As Amazon FBA sellers ourselves, we are always adapting our own business to make sure that we are running our business in the most efficient way possible.
When we started working on the Amazon Boot Camp version 2.0 many people told us that we should raise the price.  At first, we bought into the idea and agreed that if we had the most current information available, were successful sellers ourselves and could teach others a business that could potentially make thousands of dollars a month, we should be charging a premium price. 
Amazon Boot Camp Blog ButtonSo, we decided on $495 as the rate we would charge for the course and set the plan in motion.  Then the time came to actually push the button and increase the price.  Guess what happened?  I was devastated!  I started having all of these emotions around the price of the course that I had no idea would be there.  I began thinking back to when I got started on Amazon. Would I have been able to spend $500 on a course to get started?  That would have left me with just $300 to spend on inventory.  We have often talked about the fact that we would have paid thousands of dollars for the information we now have, because of what our business has grown into.  But, I can still remember what it was like to actually get started and the fear of what if this didn’t work and I had to get a “real” job!  Sure, looking back the information is priceless, but you don’t know that until you are on the other side. 
I spent all day yesterday (April 16th) not worrying about taxes we had just paid or being excited for the price increase of the course.  What I really was thinking about was “why am I doing what I am doing with the teaching side of my business?”  I wanted to get to the root of how and why it all started.  Simply put, I saw a need in the Amazon community for an easy to follow step-by-step Amazon FBA course that would take someone from the very beginning to turing their first items into a profit.  I wanted to be part of changing peoples lives.  I wanted to help stay at home moms feel like they were contributing to the household financially.  I wanted to help people nearing retirement be able to supplement their income without them having to get another job.  I wanted to help families spend more time at home with each other, while building a business they could be proud of.  My desires for creating a course were never money driven. 
With those reasons in mind, I look at the price of $495 and I know that the Amazon Boot Camp is worth it, and more!  But, am I excluding the very people I wanted to help in the first place?  Am I willing to shut out people whose lives could be completely changed by this opportunity, over a couple hundred dollars?   I’M NOT!  I’m sticking with my heart on this one.  Not following what marketers say I should be doing. 
So, maybe you had no idea that the price was getting ready to go up, or maybe you are thinking to yourself that the course must not be the best if it’s priced so low…Well, now you know.  I hope that this gives you a glimpse into the behind the scenes of what we do here at The Selling Family and how we feel about what we do."

In this Youtube video below, here's another look inside of Jessica's latest course update for Amazon Bootcamp V2.0. You will see that the price was going to go up in this video, but now you can still purchase the course for just $297, click here.

Disclaimer: PartnerwithSelenaBrown.com is a user and supporter of Jessica Larrew's Amazon Bootcamp V2.0 course. This content and video review of this course is 100% the opinion of this blog owner. Your results may vary after purchasing this course but results are strongly-possible if the course information is applied to your new Amazon venture.

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