Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DS Domination New Era in #eCommerce Corporate Google Hangout from 05/06/15

The DS Domination New Era in eCommerce Corporate Google Hangout was on May 6, 2015. During the hangout we heard from the co-creators of the company and many on the leadership committee, sharing the many new things coming for its members for their eBay and Amazon businesses.

Learn more about:

  • what's coming for our PRO members, working on the eBay platform 
  • launched a PRO member platform for our Spanish users 
  • The training platform will be updated with massive amounts of new training for ebay and Amazon members and the everyday person who is looking to get started from home in eCommerce 
  • If you're more of a sales and recruiting guru and want to get in and hit this hard, there will be a massive training and community for you to connect with to get you where you want to be.
  • You're Invited to our DSD Event on May 29 - 31 by getting started below and registering for the event Here.

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