Monday, July 27, 2015

Hangout Replay (7/27): No Excuses Only Solutions for Ebay and Amazon Sellers

The Monday Night Google Hangout Replay hosted by team No Excuses Only Solutions for Ebay and Amazon sellers,  is posted below

We learned during this hangout, that there are some current Ebay and Amazon sellers who absolutely LOVE their day jobs, but need some extra money to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Then, there is some who would like to have additional income to take vacations, help different causes, get gas in between paychecks, buy groceries, or help to retire their spouse. No matter what your reasons are for looking into eCommerce as a solution, this is a realistic, option that many everyday people are quietly using to earn a living.

To add on to this point, I was just looking through my business emails, this morning, and saw that my local SBA/SCORE Greater Los Angeles is hosting a LIVE training for selling on Amazon for Small Business Owners, Retailers and Manufacturers. As you can see, the eCommerce industry is growing tremendously and you have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to jump-start your new career on a full-time or part-time basis. With the right training, you can grow as an ebay and/or Amazon seller, to reach the personal income goals you desire for yourself and your family.

Watch the entire Monday Night Google Hangout below from July 27, or skip through the video and watch specific member testimonials that connect with you most.

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