Monday, July 20, 2015

What is 'PayPal Jail' for New Ebay Sellers?

Some people refer to Ebay's 90 Day Seller Probationary Period as 'PayPal Jail'. I know, that phrase can be a bit intimidating if you're thinking about selling on eBay. However, it's not that complex at all.  

The phrase 'PayPal Jail' refers to the hold that PayPal puts on your earnings from a sale on Ebay. When a buyer purchases an item from you, you will have to send your buyer the item first, submit the tracking number into Ebay, then that let's PayPal know that you actually shipped the item, and your earnings is then released to you within 3 business day, or once your item is delivered. 

I realized that I too had to prove to Ebay that I was going to be a reliable seller. So, I sold books, DVDs, items from thrift stores, 99 cent stores, and followed the dropshipping technique in the DS Domination training because I had upfront money that I could use until PayPal cleared my shipment and reimbursed me. I got the tracking number from the supplier that I was sourcing an item from and entered that into my Ebay account, so that Ebay and PayPal knew that the item was shipped and on its way. 

In no time, my 90 days was up and I had achieved Ebay's requirement of selling at least 25 items with a value of at least $250 within the 90 days. I was SO excited! It was a great achievement and I had 100% positive feedback from my buyers. I was on my way from their, dropshipping even more, and making even more sales by the 4th quarter of 2014, with no holds on my earnings in PayPal. 

In the following video, I elaborate a lot more and give some examples of items that you can sell while you're building your seller street credibility on Ebay, so to speak. Once you have done this, you will be all set and ready to achieve whatever goals you have for yourself as an Ebay seller.

FYI, now that PayPal has become it's own company again as of today, the date that I am writing this post, Ebay may change its process, so always keep your eyes and ears open. If you have any more questions that pertain to Ebay's 90 Day Probationary Period for new Ebay sellers, give ebay a call. They are very helpful.

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