Monday, August 31, 2015

#eCommerce (eBay, Amazon, DS Domination 2) Interview with Nikki Witherspoon

Today you will have the opportunity to receive even more insight into this growing and prosperous industry of eCommerce as it pertains to eBay, Amazon, and DS Domination 2.0! Our FBA Ninja, Nikki Witherspoon, within DS Domination, speaks about her journey, her story, and how eCommerce has changed her life. She was a full-time, civilian accountant based in Iraq, along with her husband, which gave them little time to see each other and spend time with their family. Once they discovered the power of eCommerce, as complete newbies, through the training in the DS Domination programs, they put their heads down and got to work. They now sell successfully on eBay and Amazon, even import items from China to sell through the Amazon FBA program. 

Listen to Nikki's story, her journey, and learn how she does it all in today's Google Hangout interview below! 

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