Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Hand-Picked Ebay Deals with Free Shipping #HDTV #Clothing #ShoponEbay

Check out these New Hand-Picked Ebay Deals with Free Shipping!

3 Pack: Leo Poldo™ Comfort 100% Cotton Trunks Boxer Briefs - Assorted Colors
$24.99  $8.99

Vizio M60-C3 - 60-Inch 120Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV
$1499.00  $899.00

LG 50UH5500 - 50-Inch 4K HDR Pro Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0
$799.00  $549.00

"NEW! Vizio 40"" E40x-C2 Smart 1080p HDTV 120Hz"
$359.99  $249.99

Disclaimer: All of the items included above in this blog post are affiliate links for active deals on Ebay. They are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee, which protects you in case you do not receive the item or if the item is not as described in the listing. All product titles, pricing and availability are subject to change. 

For complete details, see the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Your Hand-Picked Deals on Ebay for October #ShoponEbay

Shop on Ebay for unique finds and everything in between. Below you will discover hand-picked deals on Ebay just for you in October!

Logitech Harmony 650 Advanced Universal TV Remote Control - Silver 915-000159

$99.99  $39.95

Proscan 32-inch 720p 60Hz HDMI/VGA HD LED Flatscreen TV PLDED3273A-B
$279.99  $144.36

TCL 32-Inch 720p 60Hz Smart LED HDTV TV Roku TV Brand New 32S3800
$349.99  $168.88

TCL 32-Inch TV 720p 60Hz LED Flat Screen HDTV 32D2700 Brand New

$299.99  $148.36

Samsung UN32J5205 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)
$499.99  $224.54

Vizio M50-D1 - 50-Inch 4K SmartCast M-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display
$999.00  $649.00

Disclaimer: All of the items included above in this blog post are affiliate links for active deals on Ebay. They are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee, which protects you in case you do not receive the item or if the item is not as described in the listing. All product titles, pricing and availability are subject to change. 

For complete details, see the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy.

The Amazon Boot Camp is Closing for 2016 to New Members! #AmazonSeller #EcommerceTraining

As you probably already know, I highly recommend The Amazon Boot Camp, created by The Selling Family. I have purchased this course and have used it to assist me with my own Amazon FBA Business.

Today, I was informed that The AmazonBoot Camp is CLOSING its door to New Members on October 20, 2016, and will not reopen until 2017. The Selling Family is working on an entirely new face-lift and content for the boot camp that will make it even more comprehensible for their current members. Also, if you are not already selling on Amazon using the FBA program, it was reported that Amazon will not be accepting any new Amazon FBA sellers, until after December 19, 2016.

With all of that being said, you are able to still Merchant Fulfill items, for selling on Amazon, which is covered in The Amazon Boot Camp. However, Amazon does have some restrictions on what items you can merchant fulfill during the holiday season as well. (For example, toys cannot be merchant fulfilled if you haven't met Amazon's selling requirements and must ONLY be sent through their FBA program.)

However, you may be wondering, “Should I still get the Amazon Boot Camp right now before the closing date of October 20, 2016?

The answer is “Yes”!

Here's why:
-->All New Amazon Boot Camp Members who join the newly-upgraded program in 2017 will have to purchase the Facebook Group separately from the Amazon Boot Camp. Right now, you get access to the Facebook Support Group of over 3,000 members for FREE. In the Facebook Support Group, you have access to paid moderators who are willing to walk you through anything you need. There are also thousands of members who have been beginners just like you and are willing to help you get through any initial nervous jitters and roadblocks. 

-->The Amazon Boot Camp is packed with information and will be broken down to the nuts and bolts, without all of the extra tools and resources provided. 

-->You will have time to study the course and learn the Amazon FBA process before Amazon reopens their platform to NEW Amazon FBA sellers on December 19, 2016. Remember, you can still merchant fulfill products in certain categories on Amazon while you wait to start FBA and that is covered in the Amazon Boot Camp.

I'm already an Amazon FBA seller, “Should I get the Amazon Boot Camp?”

The answer is “Yes!”

In Amazon Boot Camp V2.0, there are bonuses that cover:
  • Private Label Basics
  • Merchant Fulfilling
  • Buying Tax Free
  • Accounting Tips

Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today! Get The Amazon Boot Camp Now

Or you will have to wait until January 2017 and lose the extra perks, available now with the course.

The Amazon Boot Camp will Officially CLOSE on October 20, 2016. Enroll Now!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sign Up for #AmazonSellers 4th Quarter Training! Coaching Starts October 15!!

Sign Up for Amazon FBA Sellers 4th Quarter Training

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During the Fourth Quarter of the year, many Amazon Sellers make the chunk of their income. The mad dash to find the perfect gift is in high gear. Not only that but the prices of toys and everything else goes up too, making it possible for Amazon Sellers to get amazing returns on the items they sell too! 

I have been selling on Amazon for the last two Fourth Quarters and have seen my sales/profits increase tremendously during this time. I like to use the bundling approach to selling on Amazon and that has worked great for me. There are many ways to approach selling on Amazon and that's why it's nice to work with others during this time to find your own unique, comfortable way, to grow your own Amazon business.

If you have been selling on Amazon and would like personal coaching in a group setting, with an experienced Amazon Seller, or a newbie, wanting to finally get started selling on Amazon this year. I highly recommend The Selling Family's Amazon FBA Sellers 4th Quarter Training.

There are two ways to get your 4th Quarter Training:

Q4 Coaching and Training Package
If you would like the personal touch of the Group Coaching + Training Guide and Videos, that will begin October 15, 2016 (every year thereafter around this time of year, so you can re-join again and again)

FYI: What Is Included In Group Coaching?
Group Coaching is done in a manner where all members benefit from the interactions.  This is done in a closed Facebook Group for members only.  You are able to ask questions in the group and Cliff & Jessica (as well as other veteran sellers) will walk you through what you need help with.  We check in the group at least once per day, Monday - Friday (usually more often).  We do not offer one on one private message support or calls with this coaching group.

Q4 Profits Training Guide + Videos
If you would like to just do the Training Guide and Videos, then this is the best option for you. It will not include: 
  • Private 10 Week Group Coaching
  • 8 Facebook Live Q&A Sessions
  • Trends Of 2016 Cheat Sheet

There's BONUS Training! Both options above include additional bonuses for you. 

BONUS: Merchant Fulfill Course
BONUS: Bundle Training With Jessica & Debra

To get started with your Amazon FBA Sellers 4th Quarter Training, Sign Up Here!

I look forward to hearing about your successes this 4th Quarter and others to come. Leave any success stories in the comments below!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Everything You Need to Know to Start Selling on Amazon Successfully

It's a fact. Knowledge is king and having the right knowledge at the right time positions you in the right place to see results. We are now in Q4 (holiday season - Oct., Nov., Dec.) and it's a great time to learn how to start selling on Amazon. 

Thousands and thousands of buyers will swarm to Amazon, in search of holiday gifts for their friends and family. Black Friday by itself is HUGE!! Q4 is when most of us as sellers see a HUGE bump in sales volume and profits, which sets us up for the New Year! Some people actually ONLY sell items on Amazon during Q4 because of the great return. So, why not you! 

With the knowledge that you will receive in this Free 7 Day Email Course, you will have a better understanding of what you need to know to start selling on Amazon.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

How To Get Prepared for the Q4 Sales Rush on Amazon #ecommercetips

We are now in October 2016 and that means Q4 is just getting started. Many newbie and even experienced Amazon sellers are preparing for this amazing selling season. If you enjoy the holidays as a buyer, then the sellers who provide all of the toys, electronics, beauty items, and specialty gifts, you can imagine, are excited too! 

In order for us, as sellers, to be prepared for the Q4 sales rush on Amazon, here are a few tips to follow:
  • Get shipping and office supplies
  • Get your office and workplace organized for the sales rush
  • Begin selling now!
  • Keep an eye on selling trends
Read more about each of these tips in greater detail in this article by the selling family: 4 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For The Q4 Rush

New to Amazon FBA?
I would highly recommend Amazon Bootcamp, mentioned in the free webinar. For more information, get the Three (3) Video Series from the course: How To Build A Successful Amazon FBA Business with Amazon Bootcamp