Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Start Your Amazon FBA Business with Amazon Boot Camp Version 3.0!

Amazon closed their doors to New Amazon FBA sellers earlier in the Q4 selling season. However, there is GOOD NEWS!! On December 19, 2016, Amazon is reopening their doors again, and you will be in the prime position to capitalize on this great news. Not only will you be able to start your own Amazon FBA Business, but Amazon Boot Camp Version 3.0 is Now Available to help you get started the smart way!

I have been using the Amazon FBA program to sell on Amazon for 3 years now and I love the ease of shipping my items right into the Amazon warehouse. I just pack up the items I find doing "retail arbitrage", and send them in. Once an items sells, Amazon ships it directly to the buyer and sends me my profits. Everyone loves the holiday season and any holiday, in general, because you can capitalize on sales without having to hold inventory in your home. 

One of the training programs that I have used and enjoy referring others to is the Amazon Boot Camp because you learn how to begin your Amazon FBA Business, doing retail arbitrage, which is the simplest way to start. Jessica from The Selling Family has taken some time, during the Amazon FBA closure, to totally revamp the training, to bring you Amazon Boot Camp Version 3.0.

This is the perfect time to purchase the newest version, dig into the training, and start getting your first shipment together, in time for the Amazon FBA reopening on December 19, 2016!

Get Started with Amazon Boot Camp Version 3.0, for a new beginning in 2017

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