About Me

Hello and Welcome!

I am Selena Brown, originally from Washington DC, now working in the entertainment industry as an actress, indie filmmaker and Entrepreneur. 

I enjoy helping other people succeed. Sometimes all it takes is some support and cheer-leading for someone to know that they are not alone. So that’s what inspired me to publish this blog site here at Partner with Selena Brown. It gives me the opportunity to share with you my experiences as a seller on Ebay and Amazon and also share tips and training that I know has helped me tremendously to succeed.  I like to be the example that I would want you to be. I desire freedom and success in your life!

When I’m not working from home, in my community working with senior citizens, or on a film production, I spend time quietly reading, doing yoga, walking in the park, watching movies, writing scripts, or playing with my cat. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people to learn more about their life stories.

I look forward to reading your feedback and comments, and writing back to you. 

Best Wishes to You,

Selena B.
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